The unuh platform

The unuh marketplace connects creators and brands in a direct, quick and uncomplicated way. It simplifies the search for suitable creators and brands and offers many new possibilities of dynamic cooperation. Our end to end solution is open for all from small creators to big companies and offers everything from job creation to payment in one place, under fair conditions. The unuh marketplace is available as an app and in the browser, the development of the software is in full swing.

The unuh services

Everyone can find the suitable service for their needs. Individual jobs, large campaigns and long-term collaborations, unuh makes it possible.

Creator cluster

Multiple creators spread the brands message in the same time period on their own channels. These jobs are best for simple messages, a fast turnaround and great if you want to reach a big audience.

Classic Creator
One single creator spreads the brands message on their own channels. This allows an in-depth one-on-one cooperation under more flexible terms. It enables brands to benefit from a creators specific following which can result in the creator becoming a Brand Ambassador.
Ghost Creator
A suitable creator produces content for a brand using their style. Here creators and brands work together to get the right content in an easy and flexible way. Brands can profit from the creators know-how and creativity. It is the perfect solution to get more engagement on their social media channels.

This is only the beginning...

We are always exploring new ways to optimise the experience on our platform. It is in unuh’s DNA to continuously adapt our services based on our user’s needs and the latest market trends.

How does it work?

The following story shows an example of how the workflow on the unuh marketplace functions.

The brand wants to share a message. They create a job and publish it on the unuh marketplace.

Creators regularly look around for available jobs on the unuh marketplace. Suitable jobs can be applied for directly.

The brand examines the applications, makes a selection and assigns the jobs.

The content creation is running. The chosen creator realizes the content and submits the result to the brand via the unuh marketplace.

The brand reviews the result and is happy about the content and finalizes the job.

Congratulations creator! The payment is on its way and many more jobs are waiting on the unuh marketplace.


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Please check our FAQ for further information about the marketplace and unuh in general.


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